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Introduction to Culinary Foundations
  • 11 Units
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  • 81 Tasks
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  • 184 Videos

Rouxbe Culinary School is the world’s leading online culinary school for aspiring cooks, culinary students, those already working in the food and culinary industry, or for anyone who seeks an intensive immersion in culinary skill and knowledge development.

This Introduction to Culinary Foundations course focuses on foundational and fundamental skills development and reinforcement, as well as universal and widely adopted methods and techniques of cooking that reinforce the same principles taught in professional culinary schools around the world.

This course covers key knowledge and technique development in knife skills; salads and vinaigrettes; soups; vegetables; rice, grains, and pasta; dry-heat cooking methods; meat and poultry; fish; as well as seasoning and plating.

The course contains various types of learning activities to engage and guide culinary associates through a learning path: pre and post quizzes, flash cards, and other supportive activities.